Shireen MalamooShireen Malamoo – Advisor – Aboriginal / Kanak descendant Tongoa, Vanuatu.

Shireen is founding Board Member for the ASSI.PJ, Sydney NSW.

As an Aboriginal / Kanak artist, singer and active community leader her knowledge of Aboriginal affairs and experience in the management of non-government services for the ATSI community including the Aboriginal Legal Service, the Aboriginal Media Association and the Aboriginal Medical Service in Townsville, brings a wealth of knowledge to the foundation of our organisation.

Shireen is a former ATSIC Commissioner (1991-1993) and sat on the NSW Parole Board for 9 years from 1994 – 2003. Her career path continues as an advisor on the ATSI Advisory Panel to the City of Sydney NSW.



Mathew PollMathew Poll - Co Ordinator - Loyalty Islands descendant. 

Matt was appointed as secretary to the ASSI.PJ Board in 2010. Matt is the Assistant Curator at the Macleay Museum, University of Sydney. The Macleay Museum holds the oldest collections of Indigenous and Oceanic cultural artefacts in Australia .

Matt has worked for nearly fourteen years in Museums and Art Galleries in Sydney and has been involved in the planning and development of numerous community arts and cultural projects over this time.




Mary DayMary Day – Co Ordinator – Lifou & Solomon Island descendant.

Mary was appointed to the ASSI.PJ Board in 2011. Mary supports a number of community projects, which sees her knowledge, and broad insight into community development as a plus for the mature aged, youth and recreation development strategies.

Mary’s diverse skill base encompasses an accreditation in mediation with the Attorney General’s office, NSW; strong secretarial and administration capacity as well as three years as chairperson for Lagaw Kodo Mir, Torres Strait Islander Corporation, Resource and Culture Centre NSW; 2006-2009.



DonnaDonna Laube – Co Ordinator – West Indian (Caribbean)

Born in Trinidad and a direct descendent of African slaves stolen to work the sugar plantations in the Caribbean her heritage also includes indentured workers lured to islands.

Donna has a strong commitment and passion for the ASSI community and its Recognition project. Extensive business development experience on large-scale projects – both private and multi-national, across many industries has honed her skills allowing her to combine this knowledge with her passion for community work.



Danny TogoDanny Togo – Assistand Co Ordinator – Ambae Island descendant, Vanuatu.

Danny is the inaugural Vice President for the ASSI.PJ elected in 2011. October 2011 saw Danny elected the assistant coordinator for Wantok 2012. A family man and father of three he has taken on a task that will see him transition his extensive skills in logistics, OH&S and driver management to championing the plight of his ASSI community.

A dedicated team player with a strong commitment in skills development to empower our youth and community sees Danny as a great role model for all young men. “Our reconnection with heritage, culture and history is the only way to go…” says Danny Togo.



Emelda DavisEmelda Davis – Head Co Ordinator – Tanna Island descendant, Vanuatu.

Emelda is the inaugural President and founding member of the ASSI.PJ based in Sydney, NSW.

As a mother of two, her children and mother Nellie Enares are her leverage for all of her achievements. In October 2011 Emelda was elected as the main coordinator for the Wantok 2012 inaugural Australian South Sea Islanders National Conference.

To deliver a conference of this enormity reflects her diverse expertise and innovative skill capabilities that stem from extensive experience working in Federal and State Government organisations delivering community development initiatives and awareness campaigns.

As the director for Onyx Management Group since 2004, Emelda has worked consistently and diligently in resourcing Indigenous, South Sea Islander and broader community practitioners to deliver projects on a multitude of national and international platforms producing Film, Television, Sports, Events management, Music and Entertainment projects for grass roots, corporate and private sectors.