The Onyx Management Group focus is our valued partnerships with community, corporate development programs and strategy implementation.  Our staff collectively boast a skill base spanning 80 years. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and attention to your specific needs and wants.

Having nurtured successful relationships with a number of  business partners as well as Indigenous, South Sea Islander and broader community practitioners, our broad scope for delivery has been in areas of  Training and Education, Film, Television, Sports, Events management, Music and Entertainment.

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The ASSI.PJ are now the interim national body for all Australian South Sea Islanders. Wantok 2013 will see the next phase of this process delivered in taking governance, policy and strategies for the national body to a forum that will elect our executives.


The purpose and role of the National ASSI Representative Body is to:

  • Formulating policy and advice
  • Advocacy, lobbying and diplomacy
  • Ensuring the presence of, and contributing to, mechanisms to monitor and evaluate government performance

We are a national body which acknowledges and believes in the unique ways that Australians of South Sea Islander heritage contribute to the broader Australian society. This contribution reflects our South Sea Islander heritage and will be recognised by all Australians because we are of: One Spirit; One Mind; One Voice – commonly seeking prosperity based on respect.


To advance the cultural, social and economic condition of Australian South Sea Islanders through good governance and leadership by:

  • Modeling ASSI values
  • Inspiring  the shared vision of ASSI’s
  • Enabling ASSI people to act
  • Challenging the processes
  • Encouraging and supporting ASSI people
  • Operating effectively and with influence in different cultures


The organisation is underpinned by the ASSI values of:

  • The importance of our unique common cultural heritage
  • The assurance of identity as Australians with South Sea Islander heritage
  • A unity of purpose in constructing a ligitimate and unique place in Australian society
  • The central place of family in building for the future
  • Establishing in our children a confidence in themselves and their right to develop complete personhood
  • A sense of integrity in our interaction with the wider Australian soceity
  • A vision in terms of the potential and unique contribution that Australians with South Sea Islander heritage can make to the wider Australian society

Wantok 2012 – Australian South Sea Islanders National Conference

Bundaberg Civic Centre, Queensland. 6th – 9th April 2012.

Celebrates the 1992 Human Rights & Equal Opportunities Commission “HREOC” Report “ Call for Recognition” for Australian South Sea Islanders.” The inaugural Australian South Sea Islanders Conference scheduled for the 6th – 9th April 2012 in the Bundaberg Civic Centre, Qld. The main purpose of which, is to establish a national body that represents one voice that will speak to National and International Governments on the pressing needs for Australian South Sea Islanders – the descendants of the Australian ‘Black birding’ era 1863-1904.



 Black is Inclusive.

The most unique part of this story is that we take our journey with an extremely important woman whose amazing story has never been told. Carole Johnson would not only play an integral role in the black movement of this country through the arts, but she would create a vision so powerful it changed dance not only in this country, but around the world forever.





Australian South Sea Islanders (Port Jackson) Limited – (ASSIPJ)

Australian South Sea Islanders are the Australian-born descendants of people who were brought to Australia as a source of cheap labour for Queensland’s primary industries between 1863 and 1904.


To champion the rights of the Australian South Sea Islander community.


The Australian South Sea Islander (Port Jackson) believes that:

  • The Australian South Sea Islander community have made a significant contribution to Australian society, yet this is still unrecognised;
  • We have been denied the same rights as other Aboriginal communities and;
  • Reconciliation will only occur once cultural connections and the community’s identity are established and affirmed as part of Australian society.

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