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Another South Sea Islander Story…

Phyllis Corowa one of the many decendants of the original South Sea Islander People brought to Australia to work in the cane fields.Phyllis Corowa’s father and grandmother were taken from Vanuatu to work on a Queensland sugar plantation during a drive to gain cheap labour between 1863 and 1904.

Today, the 92 year-old sits in the shade at her Chinderah home. She suffers dementia now, but in her younger days she spoke out about the injustice done to her people.

She lives not far from the burial ground historically significant as the last resting place of many South Sea Islanders who were brought to the east coast of Australia. You can read the full story HERE

What does recognition mean to you?

We asked Matt Nagas

Wantok 2012 – Australian South Sea Islanders National Conference.

6th – 9th April 2012 at the Bundaberg Civic Centre.

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