Sensitisation on South Sea Islanders is a Realisation and Revelation of the Plight, Predicament, Flight and Fight of Australian South Sea Islander. The teachings presented at this one day experiential opportunity will be profound in the sense that you will learn more than history but more so about the Quest of the most oppressed people known to this European Society and how their journey has caused them to overcome.

BSSIAG Cultural Awareness Flyer 2012



“Hai-itera” – ‘they’ll never take your spirit’

Stand the test of being oppressed… It will not show how smart you are, but what you’re made of… Whilst there’s breath, there’s hope, even when it’s stressed and strained.

He learnt this from an early age and deals in it for life. You’re down, but not out… when on knee’s you’re in perfect battle array… a fighting position… pray that God hears you, he seeks your humility…

‘This was a hard lesson for him to learn.’ He steeled himself for the challenge, life sustenance hangs on it. First spoken by an enchanting man, his Grandfather to his son, his Father to him. Search less meaning and beyond defining yet possessing a power that fortifies the mind and guards you against spiritual savagery.

As fear gripped… he needed this. Without it, destruction lay wait at his door and defies him to repel it. Looking him squarely in the eye, don’t blink… you could die… He grew to learn that whilst ‘You’re tired… be cautious as you sleep, for shock freezes as eye’s peep.’ His life’s quest… ‘Must find Hope… in order to Cope.’ ‘If I possess it’…it will unction a supernatural fight that functions life’s natural flight.

‘It may not change you… but it will move you’ ‘It’s your Unction to Function’ A natural life, supernatural strife… an ordinary person, extraordinary dispersion.. This is his…


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